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New Horizon has become Pakistan's 1st VMware Premier Partner
New Horizon have achieved VMware Premier Partnership through Sales and Pre-Sales services.
NCCPL on the path of virtualization
National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited (NCCPL) virtualizes the server infrastructure environment. New Horizon having the largest virtualization solution implementations across the country was chosen by NCCPL to provide its services.
Datacenter establishment at Bahria University
New Horizon to establish an end-to-end datacenter at Bahria University. The end-to-end datacenter solution extends from designing to making the datacenter up and running.
MOL Pakistan shifts to EMC Technology
MOL Pakistan shifts to EMC technology for the Storage Solutions. As one the major partners of EMC in the region, New Horizon helped MOL Pakistan to adopt EMC solutions for storage and backup solutions.
State Bank acquires EMC High Available Storage and Allied SAN Solution
State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) acquires EMC High Available Storage and Allied SAN solution for their server infrastructure. This highly available SAN will not only cater the future storage needs of SBP but will also replace the existing installed SAN Storages.
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New Horizon signs an agreement with Rehman Medical Institute for the establishment of complete LAN and Voice Infrastructure Solution

New Horizon signs an agreement with Rehman Medical Institute for the installation and commissioning of state of the art Converged Networking Solution. The solution comprises of complete LAN infrastructure including both active and passive components and voice communication Solution which is VoIP enabled. The Institute is expanding its capacity for health care and medical education services therefore require enhancing the network infrastructure and the voice communication system.

The proposed LAN solution provided with an approach of Self-Defending Network covers the installation of high-tech interconnected networking equipment based on the needs and global standards which result in optimum performance and productivity. The solution ensures the capability to gain the functionalities of Network Switching at core and edge level, content switching, network security to protect illegal traffic and prevent DoS attacks, and Network Management System to monitor the network traffic at layer 3 with performance monitoring. This LAN infrastructure solution comprises of HP Networking active components and Panduit passive equipment.

The robust solution also included Avaya Enterprise voice communication solution for Telephony. Avaya is one of the leading enterprise business communications systems providers and is rated the highest seller in current market. In order to facilitate the medical staff at RMI they were looking to upgrade the existing PABX system. New Horizon recommended Avaya communication to RMI which can cater the telephony need with modern requirements. New Horizon proposed the highest level Avaya enterprise system which includes S8800 server and G450 media gateways. The solution supports high availability with instantaneous failover feature and it can also be expandable up to 36000 terminals. The basic telephony requirements of RMI is to support PSTN and ISDN connectivity with 240 analog and 300 IP terminals across the entire premises.

New Horizon also provided a solution for an inbound call center with 10 agents and 2 supervisors as RMI intends to increase the level of customer satisfaction. Proposed solution also includes mobility feature for medical consultants and the VoIP connectivity with remote sites.

After the successful value proposition and solution finalization both parties agreed to proceed further and New Horizon was awarded with one of the strategic project of RMI. A contract signing ceremony was held at Pearl Continental Hotel - Bhurban, where the managements of New Horizon and RMI gathered together along with the presence of technology partner representatives. New horizon is now serving as a technology partner for RMI to enhance the efficiency of seamless operations.

Located at the gateway of Khyber, Rehman Medical Institute has revolutionized the concept of medical care in the Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa. The management totally believes that IT expenditures are investments not expense and it will pay off in longer run.

This effort is surely a remarkable job from such an institution and this will open a new era of life in that region. For the first time ever, the people of the Khyber will have access to healthcare facilities of international standards.

Mr. Shafiq-ur-Rehman, CEO, RMI & Mr. Raheem Eqbal at the signing ceremony.

New Horizon is now ISO 9001:2008 Certified!!!

Yet another step taken towards improvement! New Horizon has taken an initiative of achieving ISO 9001:2008 Certification. New Horizon well known as an end-to-end technology infrastructure provider is focused on organizational development and process improvement.

New Horizon identified the importance of getting its procedures of operating its various functions documented on international standards. With Quality Management System in place the New Horizon is more focused towards quality goals. The Management of New Horizon is able to evaluate the system continually and make appropriate improvements where needed.

Being an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certified, New Horizon is able to well define and document procedures to improve the consistency of output with constant quality measurement. These documented procedures ensure corrective actions are taken whenever defects occur. The defined procedures also identify current practices that are obsolete or inefficient. The documented procedures will be easier for new employees inducted to the organization to follow.

COMSATS procures HP MultiSeat Computing Solution

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology procures HP MultiSeat Computing Solution from New Horizon. This solution is being deployed at the library of Research Center present at COMSATS. The Institute acquired this solution to facilitate the students who are are involved in research and development.

The MultiSeat Computing Solution allows PC sharing and is ideal for those looking for an ultra-low cost-per-seat computing solution. By connecting multiple users to one PC, HP has provided a solution that allows the Institute to offer more users a familiar PC experience by doubling the number of computing seats without increasing their budgets.

COMSATS can avail the following benefits from HP MultiSeat Computing Solution:

  • Multiple users can easily connect at the same time working on various and different applications.
  • HP MultiSeat Computing leverages the excess capacity of one PC to deliver dependable performance, with just the addition of a low-cost thin client, monitor, keyboard and mouse for each user.
  • Less physical PCs helps lessen deployment and management time and complexity, reducing strain on IT resources and costs.
  • Plug-and-play USB connectivity allows for quick and easy deployment, without the need to open the PC to install PCI or VGA cards.
  • Genuine Microsoft Multipoint Server operating system provides for a fully supported and familiar Microsoft Windows user experience.
  • Customizable desktops mean that even when connected to one PC, individual users can work the way they want to.
  • HP MultiSeat Computing Solutions vastly cut down on per seat power usage, helping in reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Solid-state access devices help reduce environmental heat and noise by up to 90% over traditional PC environments.
  • Low power consumption.
  • HP MultiSeat Computing Solutions are intelligent sharing solutions to help your business grow while your budget stays the same.

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) is an institution for higher education in Pakistan. It comes under the umbrella of Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (Asia) or COMSATS, an international organization with a wide range of interests and facilities. Currently CIIT imparts education to over 10000 students nationwide and having its campuses at various cities of Punjab.

ICAP upgrades IT Infrastructure

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) upgrades IT Infrastructure for the increasing number of students at the institute. New Horizon was chosen to fulfill the requirements of the institute. The IT Infrastructure includes HP Pro 2000 Desktops, HP 4520S Notebooks, HP ML 150 and ML 350 Servers, and various models of HP Printers.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan is a professional body of Chartered Accountants in Pakistan, and represents accountants employed in public practice, business and industry, and the public and private sectors.

Allied Bank continues the acquisition of HP Desktops

Allied Bank continues to acquire HP Pro 2000 Desktops from New Horizon. Allied Bank is in the process of expanding and updating its countrywide branches. In order to achieve uninterrupted and smooth operations, Allied Bank procured 70 Desktops more.

Previously, the Bank procured 100 HP Pro 2000 Desktops in the last quarter.

Allied Bank is one the leading and oldest banks in Pakistan. The Bank also has the largest network of over 780 online branches in Pakistan and offers various technology-based products and services to its diverse clientele.

Dubai Islamic Bank moves towards Branchless Banking

Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) moves towards Branchless Banking. This challenge was long faced by many banks in Pakistan but DIB is took this initiative with the help of New Horizon to achieve this milestone.

The challenge faced by DIB was of desktop virtualization, in which desktops and applications are not installed locally at the terminal devices, but are centralized and virtualized in the datacenter and made available to users on demand. The security team of DIB faced a specific challenge, which needed to be addressed in order to achieve the business's compliance aims. It had to amend the way in which users authentication parameters was handled. This solution should provide an extra protection for users and technical staff who are logging onto the network from remote locations or internally from DIB's network.

With Citrix XenDesktop, DIB no longer needed high-cost, high-performance computers in the workplace. Since the slender terminal devices have no moving components, like hard disks or fans, they are also much quieter and more energy efficient than ordinary desktop computers.

In the future, the users will be able to log on by means of a two factor authentication solution powered by RSA, RSA SecurID Token provides secure authentication to call up their personal desktop. Rapid workplace changes, frequently required in the savings bank field, are also supported: The user need only take out his RSA hard token to log off from a terminal device; the user session remains open on the server and can be resumed seamlessly again on another computer.

The desktop virtualization solution that the DIB implemented together with RSA SecurID, is based on the interaction of several components. Microsoft Hyper-V was implemented as a virtualization platform. DIB can simultaneously operate multiple desktops in virtual machines, coupled with a very secure 2-Factor authentication mechanism, provides DIB a robust and secure platform to deliver the high performance desktop user experience.

Muller & Phipps automates sales

Muller & Phipps Pakistan (Private) Limited (M&P) automates sales force by acquiring HP PDAs for booking orders and checking on the available inventory of goods at the company's warehouse; that makes order booking much easier and in real time. An agreement of 100 HP iPAQ 112 Classic PDAs is signed between the M&P and New Horizon.

There are countable benefits of getting the sales force automated. Some of them are:

  • Acceleration of information delivery
  • Reduction in manual intervention in data entry and processing
  • Virtual elimination of human introduced errors
  • Improvement in productivity
  • Reduction in mistakes in order delivery
  • Improvement in inventory control
  • Better control of representative tasks

In addition to the PDAs, M&P also procured 50 HP Thin Clients and 50 HP Pro 3130 Desktops from New Horizon for their new branches and distribution depots.

M&P commenced business operations in Karachi in the year 1912, and today has the distinction of being one of the largest and oldest distribution networks in the country.

Pak Kuwait migrates to new HP Desktops & Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack Licenses

Pak Kuwait Investment Company migrates to new HP High-End Desktops from old systems. Pak Kuwait chose New Horizon to replace the old systems to HP High-end Desktops to accelerate the operations at the organizations.

In addition, Pak Kuwait acquired Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) Licenses to manage the desktop environment at the company. With MDOP, Pak Kuwait will be able to improve asset management, increase compatibility and management, reduce support costs, and improve policy control. The organization will also be provided training by New Horizon on Microsoft Windows 7.

USAID upgrades IT Infrastructure for Afghanistan Division

U. S. Agency of International Development (USAID) is upgrading their IT Infrastructure for Afghanistan Division. For this, USAID procured Microsoft Licensing Suite from New Horizon. USAID also selected New Horizon for availing the configuration, installation and maintenance services for Data Center, Windows Active Directory Domain, Mail Server with Barracuda spam filter, file and print services, network services, and group policy. Furthermore, New Horizon provided the services for migrating over 200 desktops/laptops in to the domain, and setup and documented Internet Protocol network scheme.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is the United States federal government agency primarily responsible for administering civilian foreign aid. USAID's stated goals include providing economic, development and humanitarian assistance around the world in support of the foreign policy goals of the United States. With the people of Afghanistan as its mission, USAID, as part of the overall U.S. Government effort, is helping Afghans gain the capacity and resources to take charge of their own future and development.

Reckitt & Benckiser in phase of automating sales

Reckitt & Benckiser acquires more HP iPAQ 212 PDAs for automating its sales force. Previously, Reckitt & Benckiser procured a number of PDAs which made their order booking and inventory checking easier.

Reckitt Benckiser is a global success story: a world leader in the global household, health and personal care sectors. The FMCG Company operates in no fewer than 60 countries.

New Horizon sets up new Technology Infrastructure Solution at Danish School Systems

New Horizon sets up new Technology Infrastructure solution at Danish School System at their branches at Hasilpur, Chishtian and Rahimyar Khan.

The solution of backwardness and poverty in south Punjab lies in the promotion of quality education. To promote this cause, Chief Minster Punjab launched a unique project - Danish School System. It has been established over an area of 114 acres land with two separate sections for boys and girls. The project, initiated in January 2010, has been completed with Rs.600 million. The Punjab government has decided to launch Danish School System for destitute people where under Food Support Program children of registered families would be provided all facilities free of cost.

New Horizon provided the school with a comprehensive and robust solution from scratch which included the physical infrastructure of the lab, deployment of network infrastructure for uninterrupted connectivity in the school as well as the hostels, and technology infrastructure which encompasses a HP Multi-Seat and HP Servers. New Horizon also deployed Microsoft products which comprises of Windows Server 2008, Windows Multi-Point 2010, Office 2010 Professional, Windows 7 Starter and Forefront Client Security.

HP Multi-Seat is one of the major components of the solution provided to Danish School Systems. The MultiSeat Computing Solution allows PC sharing and is ideal for those looking for an ultra-low cost-per-seat computing solution. By connecting multiple users to one PC, HP has provided a solution that allows the Institute to offer more users a familiar PC experience by doubling the number of computing seats without increasing their budgets.

At the inauguration of Danish School System at Rahimyar Khan, Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif said, "The promotion of quality education facilities throughout the province is the only means to fight extremism".

Whereas, the Chief Guest at the inauguration, Mian Nawaz Sharif stated, "The challenges faced by the country could only be addressed if people from all income-levels were provided with good quality education".


Chief Guest Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif inaugurate the first Danish School.

New Horizon provides Disaster Recovery Solution to Dawlance

New Horizon provided a distinctive Disaster Recovery Solution to Dawlance. New Horizon fulfilled the requirement of Dawlance of deploying a DR Site to safeguard the critical data of the organization.

Dawlance was engaged with New Horizon for planning their DR Site and lining out a plan that ensures a minimum outage in case of calamity. In this reference, New Horizon proposed a solution to Dawlance which features a robust and cost-effective DR Site. This solution includes virtualization technology, whereas the data is replicated through Veeam and Oracle Dataguard.

Virtualization offers a unique value proposition, with the opportunity to reduce costs while also increasing service levels. Nowhere is this value proposition more apparent than with data protection. Veeam provides the most comprehensive protection for your virtual environment, offering backup and replication through one solution. This gives flexibility to meet different recovery objectives (RTOs and RPOs) for different virtual machines (VM). You can replicate a VM on-site for high availability, off-site for disaster recovery, or back up using less expensive hardware and techniques. You save on software licenses-and realize additional benefits from virtualization. To ease data transfer to and from off-site locations, Veeam uses WAN bandwidth efficiently and lets you replicate over slow WAN links.

This solution delivers comprehensive resource consumption and workload data for hosts, clusters and data stores, with visibility all the way down to the individual VMs and applications running inside it. The solution has the capabilities to speed up analysis and troubleshooting, and will help Dawlance to determine potential resource bottlenecks for virtual server workloads and eventually the future of IT roadmap of Dawlance will be aligned with the latest technology.

Dawlance is the Premiere Home Appliances Company in Pakistan with 30 years of history. The company began its operation in 1980 with the production of Refrigerators. Today, beside Refrigerators, Dawlance is producing Washing Machines, Chest Freezers, Vertical Freezers, and Split AC & Microwave Ovens. Over these years Dawlance has not only developed the largest dealers' network but has also established the largest after sales service set-up across Pakistan.

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