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New Horizon has become Pakistan's 1st VMware Premier Partner
New Horizon have achieved VMware Premier Partnership through Sales and Pre-Sales services.
NCCPL on the path of virtualization
National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited (NCCPL) virtualizes the server infrastructure environment. New Horizon having the largest virtualization solution implementations across the country was chosen by NCCPL to provide its services.
Datacenter establishment at Bahria University
New Horizon to establish an end-to-end datacenter at Bahria University. The end-to-end datacenter solution extends from designing to making the datacenter up and running.
MOL Pakistan shifts to EMC Technology
MOL Pakistan shifts to EMC technology for the Storage Solutions. As one the major partners of EMC in the region, New Horizon helped MOL Pakistan to adopt EMC solutions for storage and backup solutions.
State Bank acquires EMC High Available Storage and Allied SAN Solution
State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) acquires EMC High Available Storage and Allied SAN solution for their server infrastructure. This highly available SAN will not only cater the future storage needs of SBP but will also replace the existing installed SAN Storages.
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New Horizon virtualizes NIFT

New Horizon virtualizes National Institute of Facilitation Technologies (Pvt.) Limited through VMware technology. To cut the operating cost and to increase the IT agility, efficiency, performance and user productivity, New Horizon provided the company with licenses for VMware vSphere 5.0 Enterprise edition and VMware vCenter Server 5.0 Enterprise Edition. Along with the virtualization solution, New Horizon also provided Microsoft licenses for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 Enterprise edition and SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition.

NIFT is a joint venture between a consortium of six major banks and private sector. It is responsible for the establishment and management of automated clearinghouse facilities in Pakistan. NIFT is proactively involved in the modernization of payment systems in Pakistan.

New Horizon deploys Microsoft SharePoint 2010 at Uch Power

New Horizon deploys Microsoft SharePoint 2010 at Uch Power to quickly respond to changing business needs. Using SharePoint 2010, the people at the Company can share ideas and expertise, create custom solutions for specific needs, and find the right business information to make better decisions. For IT, SharePoint 2010 helps cut training and maintenance costs, save time and effort, and focus on higher business priorities.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 makes it easier for people to work together. Using SharePoint 2010, the employees of Uch Power can set up Web sites to share information with others, manage documents from start to finish, and publish reports to help everyone make better decisions.

Deliver the Best Productivity Experience

SharePoint 2010 helps the people working at the organization be more productive. It offers a familiar Microsoft Office experience so that people can quickly and easily access the business information they need to get their jobs done.

Cut Costs with a Unified Infrastructure

SharePoint 2010 helps reduce costs by consolidating intranet, extranet, and Internet sites on a single platform—on-premises or in the cloud.

Rapidly Respond to Business Needs

SharePoint 2010 gives the best of both worlds: out-of-the-box applications and a platform for customized solutions. Organizations can use the features of SharePoint 2010 just as they are or quickly create secure and easy-to-use solutions for specific business needs.

UCH Power (Private) Limited an Islamabad based company, owns and operates a cycle thermal power plant that generates electricity using gas in Pakistan.

1 Link acquires Microsoft products for their Datacenter

1 Link (Guarantee) Limited acquires Microsoft products for their Datacenter from New Horizon. The Microsoft products include Windows Server 2008 DataCenter edition and SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition.

With Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter, 1Link can optimize for large-scale virtualization on small to large server systems and for workloads that require the highest levels of scalability, reliability, and availability to support large, mission-critical applications.

SQL Server 2008 Enterprise will provide 1 Link with a trusted, productive, and intelligent data platform that enables you to run your most demanding mission critical applications, reduce time and cost of development and management of applications, and deliver actionable insight to your entire organization. SQL Server 2008 Enterprise provides the highest levels of security, reliability, and scalability.

Previously, 1 Link virtualized its IT environment by consolidating the physical servers through VMware technology. As a VMware Enterprise Partner, New Horizon provided and deployed VMware technology at 1 Link.

Engro Foods enhances technology infrastructure

Engro Foods enhances technology infrastructure by acquiring HP and Microsoft products from New Horizon. These products include HP 4420S Notebooks bundled with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. In addition, Engro Foods has also procured Microsoft Office 2010 as a productivity tool.

Keeping in view to the enrichment in product line, Engro Foods has recently increased its work force for which it required to enhance its technology infrastructure.

Engro Foods Limited was officially launched as a fully owned subsidiary of Engro in 2004. Using dairy as a stepping stone to enter into the food business, the Company has from there on established itself as a major player in the food industry.

OA Systems renews Microsoft Open Value Agreement

OA Systems renews Microsoft Open Value Agreement with New Horizon. The products included in the agreement are licenses for SQL 2010 Standard edition, Office 2010 Professional Plus, Windows Server 2010 Standard edition, Visual Studio Professional and Premium edition.

OA Systems (Pvt) Limited is a technology solutions company for the healthcare industry. The company develops dynamic and innovative products that provide benefits to the multitude of partnerships that constitute patient care today, benefiting healthcare as a whole.


Getz Pharma gets virtualized

New Horizon provides server consolidation solution powered by VMware technology to Getz Pharma. The solution includes VMware Enterprise Plus which features VSphere Enterprise plus and VCenter Server Standard.

Getz Pharma was facing the challenge of Server Consolidation solution with easy management, deployment and up-gradation, power reduction and cooling costs and delivery of scalability to support business expansion. New Horizon being an Enterprise Partner of VMware provided the pharmaceutical company with the best-fit solution through VMware which enables consolidation of physical hardware to eradicate server sprawl and lower power and cooling costs while offering scalability, performance and high availability.

Lufthansa UAE to simplify Print Assets Management

Deutsche Lufthansa AG (UAE) simplifies the print assets by deploying a solution provided by NHC Global - the UAE Branch of New Horizon. The solution provided by NHC Global will improve productivity in Lufthansa's office by placing the most suitable, energy-efficient devices in the right locations based on the corporation's needs. Secondly, NHC Global will ensure exceptional print quality and a smooth running printing fleet with on-demand delivery of original print supplies-ink cartridges, toner cartridges and maintenance.

Keeping its "Go Green" vision, NHC Global is providing HP Printers which are embedded with green technology that are less energy consuming and release less carbon but provided more productivity.

With this solution, Lufthansa will have an enhanced user satisfaction through consistent print quality and from having suitable, energy-efficient devices in the right places, an improved printer utilization through increased uptime and minimized disruptions, an improved staff productivity and asset optimization by freeing their IT staff from managing devices, and a minimized administrative overheads from ordering and stocking supplies.

Deutsche Lufthansa AG is world's fourth-largest airline in terms of overall passengers carried, operating services to 18 domestic destinations and 203 international destinations in 78 countries across Africa, Americas, Asia and Europe.

TPL Trakker gets virtualized

TPL Trakker gets virtualized through VMware technology provided by New Horizon. In order to deploy a virtualized technology, TPL Trakker acquired HP ProLiant DL-585 G7 Servers along with HP E6600 Switch Series and licenses for VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus. Through virtualizing the IT infrastructure, TPL Trakker will be able to:

  • Reduce hardware and operating costs
  • Reduce the time it takes to provision new servers by up to 70%
  • Decrease downtime and improve reliability with business continuity and built-in data disaster recovery
  • Deliver IT services on-demand now and in the future, independent of hardware, OS, application or infrastructure providers

Operational since 1999, TPL Trakker's Limited is Pakistan's first multi-national company in Vehicle and Fleet Management Services operating across Pakistan and the Middle East.

New Horizon provides Disaster Recovery Solution to Tameer Micro Finance Bank

New Horizon provided a distinctive Disaster Recovery Solution to Tameer Micro Finance Bank. New Horizon fulfilled the requirement of Tameer Micro Finance Bank of deploying a DR Site at Islamabad and Lahore to safeguard the critical data of the organization.

Tameer Micro Finance Bank was engaged with New Horizon for planning their DR Site and lining out a plan that ensures a minimum outage in case of calamity. In this reference, New Horizon proposed a solution to Tameer Micro Finance Bank which features a robust and cost-effective DR Site. This solution includes virtualization technology, whereas the data is replicated through Veeam.

Virtualization offers a unique value proposition, with the opportunity to reduce costs while also increasing service levels. Nowhere is this value proposition more apparent than with data protection. Veeam provides the most comprehensive protection for the virtual environment, offering backup and replication through one solution. This gives flexibility to meet different recovery objectives (RTOs and RPOs) for different virtual machines (VM). A VM on-site can be replicated for high availability, off-site for disaster recovery, or back up using less expensive hardware and techniques. Organizations save on software licenses-and realize additional benefits from virtualization. To ease data transfer to and from off-site locations, Veeam uses WAN bandwidth efficiently and lets replication over slow WAN links.

This solution delivers comprehensive resource consumption and workload data for hosts, clusters and data stores, with visibility all the way down to the individual VMs and applications running inside it. The solution has the capabilities to speed up analysis and troubleshooting, and will help Tameer Microfinance Bank to determine potential resource bottlenecks for virtual server workloads and eventually the future of IT roadmap of Tameer Micro Finance Bank will be aligned with the latest technology.

Tameer is a Microfinance bank managed by a group of highly experienced bankers committed to go where no (commercial) bank has gone before. Tameer serves low-income, salaried, self-employed and micro entrepreneurs men & women with a range of financial products designed to allow them to grow their businesses and produce significant economic multiplier effects throughout local economies.

H. K. Shah to strengthen customer relationship with Microsoft CRM

H.K. Shah strengthens customer relationship with Microsoft Customer Relationship Management module. H.K. Shah chose New Horizon to provide its services for deploying CRM. New Horizon being an authorized partner of Microsoft for providing deployment services of CRM.

With seamless Outlook integration and the familiar, fluent Microsoft Office style interface, MS Dynamics CRM creates a personalized user experience to help everyone increase business productivity.

As a fully integrated customer relationship management system, MS Dynamics CRM 2011 is designed to fit each unique business requirement and has the flexibility and scalability to adapt as your people, priorities and infrastructures change.

  • Seamless Outlook Integration
  • Intuitive interface that eases adoption
  • Role based access
  • Automates business rules & workflows
  • Guided process dialogs
  • Advanced personalization
  • Flexibility of deployment
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Connects with other technologies
  • Leverages Microsoft technologies
  • Cloud development
  • Protects IT investments

H.K. Shah Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd was founded in 1984 and over past years became a leading IT and Telecommunication equipment distributing company in Pakistan & UAE. It focuses totally on working effectively providing and dealing with information management for many organizations as well as being one of a few successful companies to provide information management solutions to the private public sector.

Automating Capacity Management Process using Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 for Etisalat Afghanistan

Capacity Management is a key corporate process that holistically manages all network related activities in regard to providing the right capacity for services and components based or arguable costs and time.

Etisalat Afghanistan is deploying Microsoft SharePoint 2010 to implement end-to-end process mapped to e-Tom framework, customized according Etisalat Afghanistan (EA) business needs. This implementation will help EA reduce email clutter and centrally manage new capacity or increasing existing network capacity using SharePoint 2010 collaboration tools and Workflow Framework. SharePoint 2010 will also be used to implement Intranet Portal for EA which will increase their collaboration within organization and provide a central repository for their documents and knowledge base. EA chose New Horizon for the deployment of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for having the expertise in Microsoft products & services.

Etisalat Afghanistan is a newly established GSM operator in Afghanistan. Etisalat Afghanistan is 100% owned by Etisalat U.A.E. (the parent company).

New Horizon steps in UAE

New Horizon has recently stepped in UAE as a part of global expansion. After Pakistan and Afghanistan, New Horizon has opened its branch in Dubai, UAE. New Horizon has completed many successful projects both in Pakistan and Afghanistan which has made the organization competitive in the other regions as the Middle East.

Having a portfolio of 25+ products and services and an alliance with major technology giants, New Horizon has become one of the leading end-to-end IT solution provider in Pakistan and is aiming to enter the Dubai market with the same approach.

The vision of the New Horizon Management of going global and to be recognized as a Pakistani multi-national can be now seen practically. Dubai has emerged as a global city and a business hub for the past few decades. Although Dubai's economy was built on the oil industry, currently the emirate's model of business, similar to that of Western countries, drives its economy, with the effect that its main revenues are now from tourism, real estate, and financial services.

New Horizon now in Tajikistan

President Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) Senator Haji Ghulam Ali lead a delegation of one hundred prominent businessmen and investors to Tajikistan. The visit is aimed at exploring business opportunities in Tajikistan, to inform businessmen of the republic about openings in Pakistan and enhance one-to-one contact and strengthen ties.

The delegation also included the management of New Horizon. Taking the opportunity of this visit, New Horizon penetrated into the Tajikistan's local market and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Royal Corporation (a local Tajik company). According to the MoU Royal Corporation is assigned for business development in Tajikistan whereas New Horizon will provide products and services. New Horizon is proud to announce Tajikistan as the third international venue to start its operations.

Tajikistan is a small republic in Central Asia having an area of 143,100 sq. km and a population of around 6.1 million. The capital of Tajikistan is Dushanbe.

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