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New Horizon has become Pakistan's 1st VMware Premier Partner
New Horizon have achieved VMware Premier Partnership through Sales and Pre-Sales services.
NCCPL on the path of virtualization
National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited (NCCPL) virtualizes the server infrastructure environment. New Horizon having the largest virtualization solution implementations across the country was chosen by NCCPL to provide its services.
Datacenter establishment at Bahria University
New Horizon to establish an end-to-end datacenter at Bahria University. The end-to-end datacenter solution extends from designing to making the datacenter up and running.
MOL Pakistan shifts to EMC Technology
MOL Pakistan shifts to EMC technology for the Storage Solutions. As one the major partners of EMC in the region, New Horizon helped MOL Pakistan to adopt EMC solutions for storage and backup solutions.
State Bank acquires EMC High Available Storage and Allied SAN Solution
State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) acquires EMC High Available Storage and Allied SAN solution for their server infrastructure. This highly available SAN will not only cater the future storage needs of SBP but will also replace the existing installed SAN Storages.
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New Horizon clinches the award for "Super Achiever"

HP organized Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking (ESSN) Partner Conference 2012 in Kandy, Sri Lanka, where New Horizon was presented with the "Super Achiever" Award in the ESSN domain.

New Horizon, the first HP Gold Partner in Pakistan, is a team of unmatched global skill set with the proven track record of consistent delivery, fulfilling the prime requirement of our customers.  New Horizon's global experience, commitment to technology and superior service standards are the key values of the organization.

Making it a habit to achieve the best, New Horizon achieved the best HP Personal System Group (PSG) Corporate Reseller for 4 consecutive years.





Engro Foods chooses New Horizon for Optimizing their IT Infrastructure

With innovation and growth climbing new levels every day, its trivial to change the business processes, and change them quickly. And now that business constantly seek ways to improve performance and meet goals, it seems that business and Information Technology have finally come together to make the effort pay off. Moreover, it isn't only the architecture of these technologies, but the extension of their capabilities, which provides maximum benefits to the business bucking them.

The IT challenge is clear - simplify and optimize the infrastructure so that you can efficiently respond in a cost-effective manner.

Keeping the current business infrastructure challenges faced by Engro Foods in mind, they chose New Horizon to provide a solution to the FMCG Company based on Windows Server 2008 R2, Exchange Server 2010, Microsoft LYNC and SharePoint by which Engro Foods will be able to upgrade and secure its current infrastructure by employing state of the art infrastructure optimization and management solution.

The solution provided by New Horizon comprises of implementation of a new Exchange role based organization using Microsoft Exchange server 2010 along with Microsoft LYNC Server and Share Point.

Microsoft Forefront TMG 2010 will be deployed to publish Exchange server client access features, including SMTP, Outlook Web Access, Outlook Anywhere and Outlook ActiveSync. Forefront Protection for Exchange will be deployed to protect server hosting Exchange Server roles.

Microsoft LYNC Server deployment with Edge server, Back End SQL DB, Front End and A/V Conferencing will be completely managed through Monitoring Server.

New Horizon will implement the Exchange, LYNC server and Share Point solution considering better performance, protection and high availability.

Engro Foods Limited was officially launched as a fully owned subsidiary of Engro in 2004. Using dairy as a stepping stone to enter into the food business, the Company has established state-of-the-art processing units in Sukkur and Sahiwal.

New Horizon provides EMC SAN Solution to HBL

New Horizon achieves yet another milestone by providing EMC Enterprise SAN (Storage Area Network) Solution to HBL.

Habib Bank Limited (HBL) is working on a strategy to consolidate its information infrastructure. In this regard HBL was looking for Enterprise Storage Area Network (SAN) solution. This storage provided by New Horizon is highly expandable, scalable on a pay as you grow model, with emphasis on high availability, disaster recovery, on scale capacity and the readiness for cloud infrastructure and virtualization. The provided solution by New Horizon also supports all operating environments.

HBL has the largest domestic branch network with over 1,400 branches and is present in 25 countries; therefore, by acquiring EMC Enterprise SAN Solution, HBL can have the following business benefits:

Reduce Costs

  • Storage consolidation
  • Server consolidation
  • Result: less resources to manage

Business Continuity

  • Storage consolidation enables business continuity
  • Consolidation reduces risks with multiple backup devices with multiple points of control
  • Consolidated data - managed, controlled and synchronized more efficiently

Business Flexibility

  • Enable IT to easily manage growth
  • More information moves faster
  • Meeting existing SLAs


  • Centralize storage management and automate control of devices
  • Less people manage more
  • All servers access same storage
  • Simplified management
  • Service for multiple platforms

Application performance

  • SAN provides a dedicated network
  • DBMS / transaction processing
  • Fastest record access

Iqra University to use High End Computing

New Horizon enables Iqra University with high end computing by providing Core i7 Desktops for their new labs.

High end computing desktops empowers   advanced application programs to run efficiently, reliably and quickly. The term applies especially to systems that function above a   teraflop   or 10 12   floating-point operations per second. The most common users of HEC systems are scientific researchers, engineers and academic institutions.  

By having high end computing desktops, Iqra University ensures its students real-time speed and efficiency, so that the students can work without any difficulty and give their best results.

New Horizon provides Avaya Voice Communication Solution to KSBL

New Horizon provides Voice Communication Solution to Karachi School for Business & Leadership (KSBL) powered by Avaya technology. The solution principally satisfies a simple need: Enabling the use of open standard LAN and distributed data networks for the transport of voice.

KSBL has newly setup the facility for the institution and for which they required a solution for voice communication. New Horizon provided a solution that has proven the capability of delivering cost savings and productivity increase for businesses of all sizes instead of the traditional and proprietary PABX. The Avaya Voice Communication Solution includes Aura S8300 Server, G450 Media Gateway, IP Phone Sets, Analog Sets and a support of analog extension of up to 200 users.

As integral components of the Avaya Voice Communication Solution, Avaya Servers and Gateways provide highly flexible, scalable, and standards-based building blocks that can be mixed and matched to create customized solutions. They enable the centralized management efficiency of a single, streamlined network.

The S8300 Server with G450 Media Gateway provides a flexible solution for growing institutions such as KSBL to streamline voice and data operations over one networked infrastructure.

The Avaya G450 Media Gateway is a multipurpose media gateway that can be deployed in medium to large sized branch locations or in wiring-closets servicing buildings and floors, in a campus environment. The G450 works in conjunction with Avaya AuraT Communication Manager IP telephony software running on Avaya S8300 Servers to help deliver intelligent communications to enterprises of all sizes. The G450 combines telephone exchange and data networking, by providing PSTN toll bypass, and routing data and VoIP traffic over the WAN. The G450 features a VoIP engine, an optional WAN router, and Ethernet LAN connectivity. The G450 provides full support for Avaya IP and digital telephones, as well as analog devices such as modems, fax machines, and telephones.

KSBL will have the primary business drivers from the solution being:

  • Lower voice networking costs
  • Lower equipment administration costs
  • Centralized network control and management
  • Increased communications capabilities and productivity for remote and mobile employees
  • Increased customer satisfaction through the use of distributed call center applications

The Karachi School for Business and Leadership (KSBL) was established because a group of Pakistani business and corporate leaders recognized that Karachi, the business and commercial hub of Pakistan, needed a world-class business school. They envisioned KSBL as a graduate management school that would offer high quality leading edge programs to the many talented young men and women in the country as well as those accepted from abroad.

KSBL is a school with a social conscience and will promote economic and social change by developing leaders who will impact organizations through their knowledge, skills and expertise, as well as contribute to business excellence by ensuring the application of highly professional and ethical practices in the national and international marketplace.

New Horizon provides EMC Storage Upgrade Solution to PTCL

New Horizon provides EMC Storage Upgrade Solution to PTCL. As PTCL is a continuous growing network and is increasing its number of subscribers day by day, the Telecommunication Company required a solution that could store and manage its data; therefore, PTCL upgraded its storage to efficiently store and manage the data in order to get real-time speed and to abate the chances of losing data.

EMC is one of the leading providers of storage hardware solutions that help in efficiently storing, protecting and managing information.

Upgrading storage is the fastest route to gain space because packing and unpacking hundreds of gigabytes of data is just not worth your time in the long run. It can result in losing countless hours in the process.

By upgrading storage PTCL will be able to access files they want in real-time without any hindrances and it also makes communication between the servers faster.

Telenor Pakistan revamps the Printing Environment

Telenor Pakistan reduces print volumes and costs with HP Access Control – a solution provided by New Horizon. With 7,500 users spread over 20 locations, Pakistan's leading mobile telecom provider Telenor found its print environment excessive. The Company required a controlled, cost effective and secure solution.

New Horizon deployed a solution which comprises of replacement of 150+ machines with 100 HP Multifunction Printers with one Print Servers where the printouts are controlled Securejet Access Control Software.

The solution is providing Telenor Pakistan the following IT improvements:

  • Printing fleet reduced from 150+ machines to 100 multifunction devices with corresponding reduction in maintenance and support
  • Uncollected print jobs automatically deleted after 72 hours
  • Reduction in helpdesk calls for printers
  • The business benefits Telenor is availing from the solution are:
  • Number of printed pages reduced by 30 percent
  • Power and CO2 emissions reduced by fleet rationalization
  • Print environment more cost-effective and controlled
  • Increased document security

UMT Lahore upgrades Labs

New Horizon equips UMT (University of Management & Technology) Lahore with technology infrastructure products for upgrading their labs.

Now-a-days, it is very important for an educational institution to have an up-to-date technology infrastructure. It underpins an increasingly distributed academic and administrative computing environment. Hidden from the application-based world of end-users, technology infrastructure encompasses the unseen realm of  middleware ,  protocols , and  networks  that bind the computing enterprise together and facilitate efficient data flows. Yet it involves more than just the mechanics of data systems; it also includes people providing support and services.

UMT Lahore makes sure that they offer their staff and students state-of-the-art computing facilities. Therefore, they are improving their Technology Infrastructure for which New Horizon has provided them technological infrastructure resources. Recently, New Horizon has provided UMT Lahore 200 PCs for upgrading their labs to ensure efficiency and real-time speed to their students.

University of Management & Technology is one of most renowned institutions for higher studies here in Pakistan. At present, four schools and two institutes are operating under the umbrella of UMT, namely: School of Business and Economics (SBE), School of Science and Technology (SST), School of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH), School of Professional Advancement (SPA), Institute of Textiles and Industrial Sciences (ITIS), and the Institute of Audit and Accountancy (IAA).

Al Baraka Bank is now secured

To protect its IT infrastructure and sensitive data from internal and external IT security threats, Al Baraka has procured Symantec Enterprise Edition Protection Suite, which is powered with Symantec Insight and protects with the industry's fastest, most-effective endpoint security, combined with industry-leading messaging protection and innovative web security. Powerful, centralized visibility and control are achieved with Symantec Protection Center enabling policy enforcement, consolidated reporting, and real-time intelligence to increase security posture while reducing upfront and on-going costs.

Symantec Enterprise Edition Protection Suite can give fastest, most-effective protection for laptops, desktops, servers, messaging and web gateways--protection beyond antivirus. It also helps in preventing data loss with advance content filtering to identify and control the flow of sensitive data in email and IM and catches more than 99% of spam. It also provides web gateway security that protects against web threats, including malicious software, spyware, botnets, viruses, and malware. Rapid data and system recovery recovers individual files and folders in seconds or complete Windows systems in minutes to dissimilar hardware or virtual environments. It provides integrated protection technologies such as network access control, antivirus, antispyware, desktop firewall, intrusion prevention, and application and device control technologies.

By acquiring Symantec Enterprise Edition Protection Suite, Al Baraka (Pakistan) Limited can avail the following benefits:

  • Multiple layers of protection from the market-leading endpoint security, messaging security, web, data loss prevention, and data and system recovery vendor
  • Eliminates environment complexity by deploying integrated essential endpoint and messaging security technologies as unified solutions with coordinated management
  • Automatic controls help you achieve, prove, and enforce adherence to IT policy and regulatory objectives with ease
  • Simplified implementation & operations by quickly deploying with minimal disruption to your environment through easy management and optimized utilization of system resources
  • Centrally manages backup and recovery tasks for multiple desktops/laptops across your entire organization
  • Instant threat protection with support from the largest Global Intelligence Network in the world
  • Comprehensive virus protection against malicious threats that target Windows, Linux and Macintosh systems

Al Baraka Bank (Pakistan) Limited (ABPL) is the result of a merger between Al Baraka Islamic Bank Pakistan (AIBP), the branch operations of Al Baraka Islamic Bank (AIB) Bahrain and Emirates Global Islamic Bank (Pakistan). The merged entity commenced operations on November 1st 2010.

With a vision for matchless services, dedication to Islamic principles of banking, increasing network points, and innovative product line, Al Baraka Bank (Pakistan) Limited is committed to the Banking Industry in Pakistan.

University of Lahore acquires technology infrastructure products

New Horizon achieves yet another milestone in the education industry by providing University of Lahore with technology infrastructure equipment for their labs.

It is becoming increasingly popular for educational institutions to have computers and other elements of technology. That is the reason most of the educational institutions are now focusing on building up and improving their technology infrastructure which can help their staff and students in various ways.

University of Lahore recently acquired a number of HP Desktops from New Horizon for their labs so that the students can work individually; saving a lot of time.

University of Lahore has created a name for itself in the field of higher education and is regarded as one of the premier private sector General Universities of Pakistan with diverse disciplines ranging from Medicine and Engineering to the Arts and Social Sciences.

RMI expands IT Infrastructure

Rehman Medical Institute (RMI) has been serving the nation for past 10 years and in this regard they have recently celebrated their successful decade completion. The number of patients and medical students are increasing each day which lead RMI to expand their IT Infrastructure. New Horizon being the Technology Partner of RMI, provided technology infrastructure products and services which included Emerson Power Backup Solution for their Datacenter, renewal and update versions of Microsoft and Citrix product licenses. New Horizon also provided converged networking solution to RMI.

New Horizon previously established a complete LAN and Voice Infrastructure Solution at RMI. The solution comprises of complete LAN infrastructure including both active and passive components and voice communication Solution which is VoIP enabled.

Located at the gateway of Khyber, Rehman Medical Institute has revolutionized the concept of medical care in the Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa. The management totally believes that IT expenditures are investments not expense and it will pay off in longer run.

This effort is surely a remarkable job from such an institution and this will open a new era of life in that region. For the first time ever, the people of the Khyber will have access to healthcare facilities of international standards.

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