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New Horizon has become Pakistan's 1st VMware Premier Partner
New Horizon have achieved VMware Premier Partnership through Sales and Pre-Sales services.
New Horizon signs one of the Largest Microsoft Open Licensing Agreement
New Horizon signs one of the largest Microsoft Open Licensing agreements with TCS. As TCS required upgrading its technology infrastructure.
Government of Sind establishes datacenter for SCIP initiative
Government of Sind with assistance of ADB has taken an initiative to run a program - Sind Cities Improvement Program (SCIP).
State Life moves to EMC technology
State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan is moving to EMC technology for the Storage Solutions.
KASB Bank enhances & signs SLA for Anti-Money Laundering Solution
In response to a stark increase in compliance mandates designed to combat money laundering and terrorist financing activities over the last decade or so, banks have been automating their anti-money laundering (AML) compliance processes.
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Government of Sind establishes datacenter for SCIP initiative

Government of Sind with assistance of ADB has taken an initiative to run a program - Sind Cities Improvement Program (SCIP) whose aim is to improve the urban infrastructure and services, urban environment, public health and create economic opportunities for the residents of Sind Province through an integrated program of reforms and investments so as to improve urban services delivery. The SCIP Investment Program also seeks to improve the quality, coverage and reliability of Water Supply, Wastewater Management and Solid Waste Management services for an estimated 4 million residents in participating secondary cities in Sindh Province.

To fulfill the information technology needs of SCIP that will enable them in operating smoothly, New Horizon provided equipment for establishing their datacenter. The equipment included HP Enterprise solution, Emerson Power solution, and Microsoft technology products.
HP Enterprise solution included DL385 Servers, P2000 Storage, MSL Tape Library 2024, and as for uninterrupted power supply, New Horizon provided 20KVA Emerson UPS and other smaller units too.

For the software part, New Horizon supplied the licenses for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition as well as Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition, SharePoint 2010 Server, Fore Front TMG 2010, SQL Server 2012 and Symantec Anti-Virus Solution.

New Horizon also provided end user HP products which included ProBook Series Notebooks, Plotters and other printing and scanning equipment.

Other than this, New Horizon will install and configure the whole solution provided and has also signed a Service Level Agreement for the support and warranty of the solution.

Iqra University reinforces its Technology Labs

New Horizon enables Iqra University to reinforce their technology labs by providing high end HP personal computing systems powered by 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processor family.

The HP systems provided to the university deliver solid personal computing performance and are versatile and powerful featuring customizable security and expansion features to help them excel in the field research and development.

The features these HP systems ensure are:

  • Proven performance, intelligent design
  • Simplified management
  • Save energy, reduce impact

By having high end HP personal computing systems, Iqra University ensures its students and faculty real-time speed and efficiency, so that they can work without any difficulty and give their best results.

Technology Infrastructure Investment at Capital TV

Capital TV - a ready to launch channel has invested in procuring technology infrastructure specially their personal computing, server environment, and security & backup recovery software. New Horizon provided the Channel with best solution which is based Microsoft and Symantec technologies.

New Horizon provided licenses for the latest version of Microsoft products which include Windows 8 Professional edition, Office 2010 Standard edition, Windows Server 2012 Standard edition and Forefront TMG 2010 Standard edition. For security and backup recovery, New Horizon provided Symantec product licenses which consist of Backup Exec System Recovery 2011, Backup Exec 2012 Server and Endpoint Protection 12.1.

Other than this, New Horizon will also provide deployment services where New Horizon will Install Windows server 2008 R2 and prepare OS for Active Directory Domain Controller and deploy primary Active Directory domain controller & DNS at Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. Installation and configuration of Forefront TMG for proxy server, Microsoft file server, Symantec Backup Exec and Endpoint Protection is also included in the services.

State Life moves to EMC technology

State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan is moving to EMC technology for the Storage Solutions. As one the major partners of EMC in the region, New Horizon helped State Life to adopt EMC solutions for storage and backup solutions. For this the Insurance Company procured EMC VNX 5500 series Storage solution.

Being the leading life insurance company in Pakistan, Sate Life required opting for the best technology for storing their critical business information and having a backup of it too. Through EMC VNX 5500 series, unified storage systems deliver uncompromising scalability and flexibility for the mid-tier while providing market-leading simplicity and efficiency to minimize total cost of ownership of the Insurance Company.

The solution procured by State Life will benefit by:

  • Unified - One unified platform for all applications – file, block, and object data services. State Life will gain up to 50% capacity savings. They can start with file or block and easily upgrade to unified storage.
  • Optimized - Optimized for virtual applications with VMware, Hyper-V integration. State Life will triple the speed of virtualized SQL, Oracle workloads and boot up to 500 virtual desktops in almost no time.
  • Automated - Self-optimized storage tiering, application-centric replication. With FAST VP and set-it-and-forget-it policies, State Life will optimize data on Flash, SAS, and Near-line SAS drives.
  • High Performance - Flash-optimized performance using Flash drives for extendable cache and in the virtual storage pool. State Life will speed mixed workloads three-fold.

As one of the major partners of EMC, New Horizon has provided multiple solutions of EMC and has numerous successful deployments track record at various clients.

Technology Infrastructure enhancement at Chase Up

Chase Up enhances its technology Infrastructure by acquiring HP DL380 Generation 7 Servers from New Horizon. Being one of the most visited departmental of the town and rapidly growing, Chase Up required investing into their IT for smooth operations especially on the backend server side.

The HP ProLiant DL380 G7 Servers continues to deliver on its heritage of engineering excellence with increased flexibility and performance, enterprise-class uptime and HP Insight Control manageability, 2 socket Intel Xeon performance, and 2U density for a variety of applications.

Chase Up shopping city is a family owned department store business in Karachi, Pakistan operating since 1984. Its core product line consists of garments for men and women of all age groups, footwear, health and beauty products, grocery, loose fabric for ladies, kitchenware and house ware products and undergarments for men and women.

Pak Suzuki procures Microsoft Database & Business Intelligence Tools

Pak Suzuki procures Microsoft Database & Business Intelligence Tools from New Horizon. As Pak Suzuki is planning to develop software to facilitate their business, they required a database information platform which can help them unlock breakthrough insights across the organization as well as quickly build solutions and extend data across on-premises. New Horizon provided Microsoft SQL Server 2012 as the solution is the best-fit for the requirement.

The premium offering, SQL Server 2012 Enterprise delivers comprehensive high-end datacenter capabilities for demanding database and business intelligence requirements. By acquiring SQL Server 2012 Enterprise, Pak Suzuki will benefit the following:

Required protection - Deliver required uptime and data protection, server to cloud without wasting time and money. SQL Server 2012 Help reduce planned and unplanned downtime with the new integrated high availability and disaster recovery solution and achieve maximum application availability and data protection with options to configure active, multiple secondaries and ability to quickly failover and recover applications.

Blazing-fast performance - Gain breakthrough and predictable performance backed by industry-leading benchmarks. Bet on a trusted platform that continuously leads in industry-relevant TPC-E, TPC-H and real-world application performance benchmarks. It also significantly boosts query performance by up to ~ 10xs for star joint and similar queries with the new ColumnStore Index.

Rapid data discovery - Empower end users with new insights through rapid data exploration and visualization. Discover new insights at the speed of thought with Power View, a highly interactive, familiar browser-based data exploration, visualization, and presentation experience for users of all levels. SQL Server 2012 empowers users of all levels to access and mash-up data from virtually any source, create compelling reports and analytical applications, and easily collaborate and share insights using familiar tools with PowerPivot for Microsoft Excel 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

Managed self-service BI - Enable users with self-service BI while gaining better monitoring and management capabilities for IT. Offload IT tasks and reduce support requests with self-service analytics tools. Balances the need to monitor, manage, and govern the data and analytics end users create with IT dashboards and controls that help IT monitor end user activity, data source usage, and gather performance metrics from servers.

KASB Bank enhances & signs SLA for Anti-Money Laundering Solution

In response to a stark increase in compliance mandates designed to combat money laundering and terrorist financing activities over the last decade or so, banks have been automating their anti-money laundering (AML) compliance processes.

Keeping this in mind KASB Bank enhanced the existing AML solution to minimize the fraud level at utmost. New Horizon provided the Bank with SAS AML Solution which is already been used by banks worldwide successfully. New Horizon also signed a service level agreement (SLA) for the maintenance of the solution.

New Horizon incorporated the enhancements of the solution within three months which has enabled KASB Bank to start with out-of-the-box scenarios and gradually incorporating bank’s custom requirements, and modify parameters as needed. It removed guesswork from the transaction review process by pinpointing previously unknown indicators that can identify potentially fraudulent activity or transactions. This made processes auditable for regulatory compliance purposes. In result the time needed to analyze transaction reports was reduced from days to hours where the analysts can effectively review new alerts and move on to monitoring case activities on a daily basis. The suspicious activity can be detected earlier than was previously possible, which enables better prevention of potential fraud losses.

In terms of regulatory compliance, SAS AML Solution helps incorporate the requirements set out by State Bank of Pakistan in terms of transaction monitoring, risk scoring using statistical techniques, risk profiling etc. The system also incorporates regulatory requirements set out by FATF and European Union.

SAS Anti-Money Laundering takes full advantage of high-performance analytics capabilities to provide the most accurate, complete solution for detecting, investigating and reporting on potential illicit activity – one that combines the essential elements of a successful AML solution, including customer due diligence, suspicious activity monitoring, watch-list filtering and case management.

Benefits of the solution

  • Monitor more transactions in less time.
  • Improve the quality and accuracy of alerts.
  • Enhance investigation speed and effectiveness.
  • Identify organized crime rings.
  • Reduce AML compliance costs.

Features of the solution

  • Data management
  • High-performance analytics
  • Suspicious activity monitoring and reporting
  • Customer due diligence/know your customer risk scoring and classification
  • Watch-list matching
  • Investigation/alert management
  • Compliance analytics
  • Integrated case management
  • Regulatory report generation

Only SAS combines context-specific intellectual property, SAS High-Performance Analytics and SAS Foundation technologies to support all key areas of a complete anti-money laundering solution – including suspicious activity monitoring, customer due diligence and watch-list filtering – and all steps involved in AML processes – with greater speed and accuracy than ever before. With SAS, you get:

  • Supercharged scenario tuning and what-if analysis. SAS Anti-Money Laundering dramatically reduces scenario time frames from hours to minutes by incorporating high-performance analytics with supercharged scenario tuning and what-if analysis into a unified technology platform that brings together the key capabilities of an end-to-end AML technology solution.
  • Predictive alert analytics. Only SAS uses predictive alert analytics to significantly reduce false-positive alerts and to more accurately identify actions and relationships that present the greatest risk to the institution.
  • Depth and breadth. No other solution lets you monitor more transactions and more risks in less time. With SAS, you can process more than 2 billion transactions in a single night, and the system is powerful enough to run multiple scenarios and risk factors without any performance degradation.
  • Faster implementation. The solution includes a banking-specific data model optimized for financial crimes analytics and incorporates data management best practices from more than a hundred successful implementations to get you up and running quickly.
  • A common technology platform. All financial crime solutions from SAS are built on a common technology platform to ease the sharing of data and analytics, while reducing administrative costs.

KASB Bank is serving clients through 104 branches in 43 cities of Pakistan, offering unique and innovative financial solutions to large portfolio of investment, corporate and consumer banking customers. KASB Bank is regarded as the flagship entity of the group with state of the art technology providing wide scale financial services to a diversified client base. The Bank also provides a host of financial services offered by the KASB Group.

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